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Hyperion Cleansing 101

Keeping the Hyperion clean will help ensure you’re getting the best hits and that you get the best lifespan out of your device. So we are going to break down for you guys how we keep our Hyperions sparkling. To follow along all you will need is 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol (ISO from here on out), some q-tips, and something to soak all your parts in. 

First grab whatever you’re going to soak parts in and fill it with some ISO. The first piece we’re going to start soaking is the glass top bubbler. You can remove it from the base by gently wiggling and twisting it out. Then all you need to do is gently place in the ISO and let it work its magic. 

Next we’ll tackle the coil. Go ahead and remove it, if it is pretty gunked up and dirty you can throw it in the ISO too. If it isn’t too filthy you can soak a q-tip in the ISO and then swab out the coil. Something we like to do is to regularly swab our coils out with q-tips every couple hits so that they don’t get too gunked up. 

If the base of your Hyperion is gross or sticky they’re pretty easy to clean. You can just take the silicone cover right off and soak it in your ISO as well. For the base we just wipe it down with an alcohol wipe or some alcohol and paper towels. 

All that’s left is to let all your pieces dry on some paper towels once they’re done soaking. We recommend letting all the parts you’ve soaked air dry for about 24 hours before you begin using them. Just to ensure all the alcohol has evaporated from your device. Once they’re done drying just assemble and enjoy!

We are working on getting this on video for you guys too! And as always, if you have any questions shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (707)798-6328.

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