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Bubbler and Water Attachment Comparison

Have an HVT kit you would like to add a bubbler to? Or looking to pick up a kit with a bubbler and not sure which one to get? Well you are in the right place ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here we will go over all our bubblers and water attachments, as well as what they are compatible with.

First, we have our most popular bubbler, the Poseidon. There is a variation compatible with the Sai and the Sequoia. The Poseidon is a two piece bubbler, made for easy cleaning, filling, and emptying. Both top airflow and regular coils pair nicely with the Poseidon. To use simply remove the cap of your atomizer, splash a little water in the poseidon and pop it on. Then use your Sai or Sequoia normally, just enjoy the filtration, and style points, that the poseidon provides you with. 

Next, we have the Hydro Tube. Compatible with the Sai, as well as the Miracle S and the V3 by Divine Tribe. The Hydro Tube cannot be used with top airflow coils because you leave the atomizer cap on to use this piece. If a simple one piece, cylindrical bubbler is what youโ€™re looking for, the Hydro Tube was made for you. It is an original HVT piece, being our first bubbler.

While our first two bubblers can be used on your set ups without needing to add any additional parts, the following bubblers require additional pieces and set up.

Third, we have the Reverse Banger. These are compatible with the Sai in different variations: a 14mm female and an 18 mm male. The Reverse Banger is not a standalone unit, it is used to connect your atomizer to a larger water attachment. To use the Reverse Banger you will remove the cap from your atomizer and pop the side with green grommet on top of your Sai. Then attach the other end to your other device,  and enjoy!

Finally we have the WPA (water pipe attachment) for the Sai. Like the Reverse Banger the WPA is intended to connect your Sai to a larger bubbler, however a hose is also required to use the WPA. These work best with a โ…œ inch hose. These operate similar to the Reverse Banger as well. The piece with the full cylinder connects to your Sai, the “bulb” looking part is used as a carb cap, and the other piece connects to your other piece. 

If youโ€™re looking for an easy to use bubbler that you can attach to your vape and go; well carefully because theyโ€™re glass, we recommend either the Posiedon or the Hydro Tube. If you have some sort of larger device youโ€™d like to use with your atomizer kit, pick up a Reverse Banger or a WPA. Of course if you have a Sequoia the only bubbler currently available is the Poseidon. 

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