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What is an atomizer in a vape?

The quality of your vape juice is not the only determinant of your vaping experience. The vaping device, as well as its components parts, could also make or mar the experience. The atomizer is one of the most important components of your vaping device, and it is responsible for vaporizing the vape juice. Previously, the term ‘atomizer’ referred to the coil that heats up to vaporize your e-liquid. However, it now commonly refers to the entire rebuildable side of a vaping device. 

How does an e-cig atomizer work?

Despite the atomizer’s importance to your vaping device, the principle of operation is still quite simple. The moment you turn on your vaporizer, the battery supplies the power that heats the atomizer’s heating coil. The coil, in turn, heats the wick- a component of the atomizer that’s soaked in vape juice. Once the vape juice in the wick attains the proper temperature, you’ll have your vapor, fresh, and ready to be inhaled.

What is the difference between an atomizer and a clearomizer?

Even the most avid vapers could still mumble find it difficult to differentiate between atomizers, clearomizers. For one thing, all three devices do pretty much the same job, but the difference lies in how they do it and the quality of the delivery.

An atomizer is often regarded as difficult to use and reserved for the pros. This is because of the high level of customization and the need for frequent refilling. Unsurprisingly, there is a consensus that atomizers provide the best vaping experience.

Clearomizers, on the other hand, are great for beginners. They are simple and convenient to use, making them more suited for beginners. However, they do not give vapers the freedom to customize their vaping experience. Generally, beginners that start with clearomizers tend to drop them for atomizers as they become more familiar with vaping.

How do you fix an atomizer?

Ever tried enjoying your fix of vaping concentrate, only to be disturbed by the dreaded “No atomizer” or “Check atomizer” prompt? At first, you’ll be swept by a wave of disappointment. Then despair, if you do not know how to fix it. The most common cause of the problem is a failure of the atomizer base to make direct contact with the coil. Here’s a short step by step guide on how to fix your atomizer:

  • Disconnect the tank from the battery or mod
  • Unscrew the base of your tank and remove the atomizer tube
  • Separate the atomizer head from the base
  • Using a q-tip, thoroughly wipe the inside of the atomizer vape
  • Ensure the area of the coil that’ll be in contact with the atomizer base is kept clean and dry
  • Reconnect the atomizer base to the coil, ensuring they’re tightly screwed into each other
  • Piece back your vaping device and light up the battery

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