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Vape has become a growing trend, both for people who want to quit smoking and for those who still want to enjoy some nicotine while avoiding dangerous combustion gases. Until now, traditional vape used the power method. However, this alternative has several drawbacks, such as the taste obtained from a dry blow, having to change the wick of the coil or excessively hot vapors.

Today, there is a different technology, which allows a vape that eliminates all these problems: temperature control. This technology allows the user to regulate the ideal temperature to avoid burnt wicks, dry blows or unpleasant hot steam.

One of the essential components in this process is the coil. In the market, there are different types of coils, differentiated mainly by the metal they are made of. Of all of them, the one that is notably better is the titanium one.

Why Use the Titanium Coil?

The Temperature Control (TC) allows the vaper to adjust the device to a predetermined temperature. If sudden heating occurs, the device commands to reduce the power, thus cooling the coil. The functioning of the thermal control depends directly on the coil's manufacturing material. Titanium provides reasonable thermal control, which minimizes battery consumption.

Besides, titanium resistors have a higher coefficient of resistance compared to other materials such as nickel. While its cost may be slightly higher, the Ti coil lasts much longer, and you won't have to replace it as often. These are other significant advantages:

  • Micro coils can be made, so the vape doesn't have to be that big.
  • Titanium can be combined with other materials
  • Is the most robust metal in vape technology options, including nickel
  • Titanium is the safest among the options
  • Titanium is not affected by problems such as rust or corrosion.

The optimum vaporization temperature is between 390 and 480 °F. As the coil heats up, the resistance also changes, and so does the temperature. The titanium spiral has a high resistance index. This allows you to move smoothly through high temperatures.

The thermoregulation mode eliminates the risk of damage to the vape if any characteristic change occurs. There is a myth that this metal gives off-gases harmful to the health of users. However, always keep in mind that vapes do not reach the critical values of the metal, even when used at full power.

Using the Ti Coil

The most efficient way to use this metal is standard. In other words, you must make sure that your device is in temperature control mode. Then, start with the lowest temperatures, and make small, gradual increments. Since your coil is made of titanium, you'll get to each temperature stage faster. Therefore you'll be enjoying a sweet vape in no time.

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