Sequoia Quickstart Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Sequoia from Humboldt Vape Tech. The Sequoia is a fully customizable 25mm cannabis concentrate atomizer with adjustable bottom air flow, and a wide variety of coil options.


  • Mouthpiece
  • Top Cover
  • Atomizer Base with adjustable airflow
  • Atomizer Coil (screws into base)


  • Select a compatible sub-ohm capable, 510 threaded box mod and battery/batteries. (heat sink may be required for some mods)
  • Take the time to learn how to operate your box mod, including how to change mode, temp, etc.
  • Dry fire all new coils to burn off any residue
  • Do not overtighten the connections


  • Screw the Sequoia clockwise onto your mod
  • Remove the top cap by pulling it off the base of the Sequoia
  • Screw the coil into the base of the Sequoia
  • Adjust the airflow to your personal preference


  • Set the mod the the correct setting for each coil
  • Load a small amount of concentrate onto the coil near the center
  • Place the top cover back on the Sequoia
  • Inhale while pressing the fire button on your mod
  • mod settings may vary between models, use the following table as a guide and adjust to your personal preference


  • Use a pulsing pattern when using Wattage (Power Mode) to prevent burning your concentrates
  • Loading a small amount of concentrate will reduce reclaim and splatter.
  • Store the Sequoia upright to prevent leaking.
  • Lubricate O-rings with a food grade oil.


  • Unscrew the Sequoia from your mod.
  • Remove the O-rings from the atomizer’s base and open all 4 air holes
  • Remove the O-rings from the mouthpiece.
  • Using 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, submerge and soak all parts.
  • Rinse and repeat until the alcohol is clear and all parts are clean.
  • Shake excess and air dry until all no alcohol remains
  • Once dry replace O-rings and reassemble your Sequoia

*Do not use water to rinse or submerge the Sequoia or coils.


Atomizer Coil Wattage (Power Mode) Temperature Control (TC)
13mm Ceramic Donut 15- 25W Ni Mode

25-35 W

350°F -450°F

Triple Titanium / Quartz 20-25 W Ti Mode

25-30 W

350°F -400°F

Triple Titanium / Black Ceramic 20-25 W Ti Mode

25-30 W

350°F -400°F

4mm Dual Twist Kanthal / Quartz 20-25 W
*Kanthal will only run on Wattage.


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