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Sai Top Airflow Guide

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  1. Hello I purchased a titanium bucket and a quartz bucket. I see the temp and wattage for the titanium but not for the Quartz. Sorry if I missed it… Can you please provide.?
    Also, I hope the titanium bucket produces thick vape clouds but if I am not satisfied, which one of the coil options would you recommend for the heaviest cloud production?
    Thanks very much for any feedback.

    1. The Quartz bucket uses the same settings pretty much. Kanthal coils are the heaviest hitters too. I personally prefer the Triple Ti though.

      1. Hey man, I recently bought one of these and I love it, but i’m having some issues with the TC mode with it with my mod (Smok Alien 220w). I have the atomizer locked at .7 ohms, and I set it for 400 degrees and 25watts, but anytime I try and hit it it only fires for about a second before it switches back to wattage mode. I just felt like it hauled a little bit better in TC mode so I wanna get back to using it in that mode as it kinda just suddenly stopped working after working fine in TC for a while

        1. Smok mods are notorious for having issues with my products, which is why I don’t sell them.

          1. Hi Vic,

            Would the Sai TAF work on a aspire speeder 200w mod?


          2. Should be fine.

          3. Hi Vic,

            This comment is why I first bought an HVT Sai. Testing and resulting facts matter.

            Candor appreciated.

          4. i have this same problem with my istick pico. just started. worked fine for a while.

        2. I’ve had that issue when selecting the wrong Tmp control setting. Meaning selected TI and it’s a SS coil etc…

  2. I have a TAF with a bucket coil. I cannot tell what material it is. I have it connected to a Kanger 200W mod box. I set it to TC at 400F but I cannot produce any smoke even with 10 sec. pre-heat. The TAF works with another coil but does not with the bucket.
    I also tried the power setting at 28W with no results. Can you tell me what am I doing wrong. This has me stumped.

    1. If the coil is firing it should work. Try turning the heat up 20° at a time and see what it does. 400° is a starting point.

  3. Hi I was wondering about the settings for the Molacule coil are ? Thanks.

    1. After you get it tempered. SS mode at 280° to start and go up as needed from there.

  4. Hi I love the product but am a little confused and want to make sure I’m using it properly. I use the titanium bucket for rosin but am unsure what temperature to set it, as it appears to be heated by a ceramic donut from below. The ceramic donut settings are different than the titanium bucket settings, and donut just cracked so I have to replace it making me wonder if I’m running it too hot. When using the titanium bucket in a top airflow sai which settings should I use?

    1. You need to run the buckets in Temp Ni mode, at less than 25w. Starting temp should be about 400°.
      Go up 20° at a time if needed.

  5. Hello,

    Just bought the Sai Taf with top airflow and ti bucket. Got 2 additional coils with it I’d like to take for a test drive but am failing to understand how to remove the donut coil under the ti bucket that was preinstalled.

    Hoping you can help me, don’t want to force anything and damage the gear. Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Use a coin in the slots on the remaining portion, it will back right out.

  6. Hello! I’m really interested in this product because of all the reviews, but I’m a noob and not sure I understand the terminology around what all I need so I just want to be sure: This product is just the top which is the atomizer, and I would need to buy a battery separately, correct? It would need to be a battery with variable… temp settings? Wattage settings? Something else? Is there a particular battery you recommend that works best with the bucket setup?

    Thank you!!

    1. I see you already got the perfect set up. Call me if you need help setting it up when you get it.

    2. Hi I am interested in using your coils but want to make sure I will be able too figure them out. Can you run them on just wattage? and also I pretty much always use a bubbler over my atomizers.. Since these coils are made to be used with a cap do you keep the cap on and position bubbler over or is it ok without the cap and bubbler on top? thank you!

      1. Most of my coils use temp modes. These coils will burn out prematurely in wattage modes alone.

  7. Vic, you have created something fantastic here.
    You’re right to love the triple titanium (just got the quartz wrapped one in the mail and I’m already ordering the ceramic tomorrow), but these buckets when tuned in right with tc are incredible….i’m shocked at the performance. Also love the molecule coil after getting all the hotspots out it slurps up oil like crazy and produces massive rips! I will buy anything you put out because you have figured it out my friend!

  8. To read this thread it sounds like you (Vic) made the Sai atomizer and coils. SZ Crossing Tech’s website says they designed and manufacture it. So, HVT just put their logo on the oem/odm product then right. or what’s the deal?

    1. I’ve worked with them. Everything that has been made was something I ordered. Then had made. Not the other way around. The product were made to my specs. Therefore designed by me. I get exclusive use of everything for a certain amount of time. Which is why I have the things nobody else does.

  9. I cannot get my Ti bucket to work ive posyed everywhere and sure im anoying but really want the easy load reliable bucket everyone is talking about but mine wont even produce vapor and gets the base super hot…tcr 315 at 35w 400f on drag and legend my bucket registers at .51-.53 i here they usually register .7-.9 and lockong at .7-.72 is best my backuo mod the original drag aloud me to increase or rather decrease the resistance to .61 but still in tcr and tc mode i cannot get it to perform even after unscrewing and screwing the bucket back onto the disc…i love all the other coils ive tried and really want the TAF and buckets to work for me do i need a knew device ? Are those resistance reading far below the norm? Is my tc tcr modes not advanced enough not being able to lock/adjust resistance ? Im just confused and really want thus coil and cap to work and be happy with it as everything else from HVT has been amazing

    1. I would suggest trying the recommended Ni settings for best performance.
      Using TCR 315, you are actually running your Ni coils at Ti settings. While this does make it heat up faster.
      Ni settings will make your coils last longer and work correctly.

  10. Hi there!
    I am looking for a quick answer or two about setting up my 75w Pico with the TAF. I got these settings from Reddit’s r/waxpen TAF guide, I tried them last night and wasn’t real impressed.
    Here is what I have set currently: “TCR315, 40W, 320-380°F and lock your resistance at room temp 0.63-0.70Ω”
    Now, I see that the locked resistance is the same, but it seems nothing else matches between what you posted and from what I’ve seen you comment here. These settings don’t even mention pre-heat.
    I’m also a bit of a newbie to box mods, never got into the vape life until now.
    Thank you for a superior product, and for any help you may be able to send my way.

    1. My settings and Reddit’s setting don’t match up. My devices run fine in stock Temp Ni Mode. But work best over 400°.
      For pre-heat, hold the button down about 6 seconds to warm it up, then tap it again and take a hit.
      By changing it to TCR mode, it has the ability to heat up a bit faster, but IMO you lose some longevity too. At my settings.
      Your coils will perform better and last longer.

    2. We usually only recommend NI or Ti Modes. People use AF and TCR modes to dial in settings other than recommended buy us, the manufacturer.

  11. Hey, I just got a Sai Taf and am a little disappointed with the ceramic donut coil and ti bucket. What are ideal settings and heat up time do you recommend for biggest hits/clouds. Also are the ceramic disc able to get the buckets hotter over the donuts if so could this help my problem?

    1. Temp Ni, no more than 25w, and 380-450° will usually get it. They are not really a beginner item. You really need to be familiar with TC before using them.

  12. Hello Vic,

    New Sai TAF user with an iStick Pico using the titanium skillet. When using the settings listed on the TAF web page (Ni, TC, 25w, 400F, res locked), The coil stalls temperature wise at around 350F. Will not get hotter unless I go through a couple of 10s intervals, but by that time the TAF and the top of the Pico are smoking hot. Without the bucket installed, the coil quickly reaches desired temperature and holds properly. When assembled the bucket is screwed into the coil assembly as tight as it will go without any undue torque.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time.

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