Sai Top Airflow Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Top Airflow Sai from Humboldt Vape Tech. The TAF Sai is a fully customizable 22mm cannabis concentrate atomizer with adjustable top and bottom air flow, and a wide variety of coil options. The TAF Sai is compatible with all Sai coils, and it can be used with either top or bottom airflow.


  • Mouthpiece
  • Top Cover
  • Top Airflow adjuster
  • Airflow down tube (used for top airflow)
  • Splash guard (used for bottom airflow)
  • Atomizer base with adjustable airflow
  • Coil (screws into atomize base)


  • Select a compatible sub-ohm capable, 510 threaded box mod and battery/batteries.
  • Take the time to learn how to operate your box mod, including how to change mode, temp, etc.
  • Dry fire all new coils to burn off any residue
  • Do not overtighten the connections


  • Screw the TAF Sai clockwise onto your box mod.
  • Remove the top cap by pulling it off the base of the Sai.
  • Remove the top airflow adjuster by pulling it off the top cover
  • Screw the airflow down tube clockwise into the top airflow adjuster
  • Screw the coil into the base of the Sai
  • Close the airflow holes onto the base
  • Twist the top airflow adjuster to you personal preference


  • Screw the TAF Sai clockwise onto your box mod
  • Remove the top cap by pulling it off the base of the Sai
  • Remove the top airflow adjuster and unscrew the Airflow down tube
  • Screw in the top airflow stopper into the top airflow adjuster
  • Press the top airflow adjuster and mouthpiece back onto the top cover
  • Screw the coil into the base of the Sai
  • Close the airflow holes on the top airflow adjuster
  • Adjust the airflow on the base to your personal preference


  • Set the mod the the correct setting for each coil
  • Load a small amount of concentrate onto the coil near the center
  • Place the top cover back on the Sai
  • Inhale while pressing the fire button on your mod
  • mod settings may vary between models, use the following table as a guide and adjust to your personal preference


  • Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the Titanium bucket
  • When using the titanium bucket, allow the TAF Sai to cool off between sessions to keep the unit from getting too hot
  • Use a pulsing pattern when using wattage (power mode) to prevent burning your concentrates
  • Loading a small amount of concentrate will reduce reclaim and splatter
  • Store your Sai upright to prevent leaking
  • Lubricate O-rings with a food grade oil


  • Unscrew the TAF Sai from the box mod
  • Remove the O-rings from the atomizer base and open all 4 air holes
  • Remove the O-rings from the mouthpiece and top airflow adjuster
  • Using 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, submerge and soak all parts
  • Rinse and repeat until the alcohol is clear and all parts are clean
  • Shake off excess alcohol and air dry until no alcohol remains
  • Once dry, put the O-rings back on and reassemble the Sai

*Do not use water to rinse or submerge the Sai or coils


Atomizer Coil Wattage (Power Mode) Temperature Control (TC)
Titanium Bucket

(Use TOP AIRFLOW   SETUP & 10 second preheat)

24-28 W Ni Mode

24-28 W

400°F -450°F

Miracle B 7-15 W
Ceramic Donut 8-15 W Ni Mode

14-22 W

350°F -440°F

Stainless Steel / Quartz 15-25 W
Dual Titanium / Quartz 15-25 W Ti Mode

20-25 W

350°F -400°F

Dual Twist Kanthal / Quartz 15-25 W
Dual Twist Kanthal / Black Ceramic 15-25 W
Triple Titanium / Quartz 15-25 W Ti Mode

20-25 W

350°F -400°F

Triple Titanium / Black Ceramic 15-25 W Ti Mode

20-25 W

350°F -400°F

4mm Stainless Steel / Quartz 15-25 W SS Mode

18-22 W

360°F -420°F

4mm Stainless Steel / Black Ceramic 15-25 W SS Mode

18-22 W

360°F -420°F

*Kanthal will only run in Wattage.


  • Shawn says:

    Hello I purchased a titanium bucket and a quartz bucket. I see the temp and wattage for the titanium but not for the Quartz. Sorry if I missed it… Can you please provide.?
    Also, I hope the titanium bucket produces thick vape clouds but if I am not satisfied, which one of the coil options would you recommend for the heaviest cloud production?
    Thanks very much for any feedback.

    • Vic says:

      The Quartz bucket uses the same settings pretty much. Kanthal coils are the heaviest hitters too. I personally prefer the Triple Ti though.

      • Jer says:

        Hey man, I recently bought one of these and I love it, but i’m having some issues with the TC mode with it with my mod (Smok Alien 220w). I have the atomizer locked at .7 ohms, and I set it for 400 degrees and 25watts, but anytime I try and hit it it only fires for about a second before it switches back to wattage mode. I just felt like it hauled a little bit better in TC mode so I wanna get back to using it in that mode as it kinda just suddenly stopped working after working fine in TC for a while

  • George says:

    I have a TAF with a bucket coil. I cannot tell what material it is. I have it connected to a Kanger 200W mod box. I set it to TC at 400F but I cannot produce any smoke even with 10 sec. pre-heat. The TAF works with another coil but does not with the bucket.
    I also tried the power setting at 28W with no results. Can you tell me what am I doing wrong. This has me stumped.

  • Jory says:

    Hi I was wondering about the settings for the Molacule coil are ? Thanks.

  • chris says:

    Hi I love the product but am a little confused and want to make sure I’m using it properly. I use the titanium bucket for rosin but am unsure what temperature to set it, as it appears to be heated by a ceramic donut from below. The ceramic donut settings are different than the titanium bucket settings, and donut just cracked so I have to replace it making me wonder if I’m running it too hot. When using the titanium bucket in a top airflow sai which settings should I use?

    • Vic says:

      You need to run the buckets in Temp Ni mode, at less than 25w. Starting temp should be about 400°.
      Go up 20° at a time if needed.

  • Sean Thornton says:


    Just bought the Sai Taf with top airflow and ti bucket. Got 2 additional coils with it I’d like to take for a test drive but am failing to understand how to remove the donut coil under the ti bucket that was preinstalled.

    Hoping you can help me, don’t want to force anything and damage the gear. Thank you for your assistance.

  • Mari W says:

    Hello! I’m really interested in this product because of all the reviews, but I’m a noob and not sure I understand the terminology around what all I need so I just want to be sure: This product is just the top which is the atomizer, and I would need to buy a battery separately, correct? It would need to be a battery with variable… temp settings? Wattage settings? Something else? Is there a particular battery you recommend that works best with the bucket setup?

    Thank you!!

  • danielblakes says:

    Vic, you have created something fantastic here.
    You’re right to love the triple titanium (just got the quartz wrapped one in the mail and I’m already ordering the ceramic tomorrow), but these buckets when tuned in right with tc are incredible….i’m shocked at the performance. Also love the molecule coil after getting all the hotspots out it slurps up oil like crazy and produces massive rips! I will buy anything you put out because you have figured it out my friend!

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