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Sai Quick Start Guide

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  1. Can anybody offer any tips/advice on the reasoning, methods and differences between power and temperature modes? I’m lucky if I can operate the thing to switch modes, much less knowing what is going on when I do.


    1. Using Temp Mode regulates the power for you. In wattage mode you are just heating your coil and making it red hot.
      Temp Mode will regulate the temp of the coil for you, not let it fire red hot all the time.
      Temp Protection means your coil is at the temp, and it is being protected from overheating.

  2. I’m having a slight issue with the triple coil. I set it to ti, 25w and 400 but it doesn’t heat up enough to vaporizer product. I need to turn it up a bit more to get any smoke.

    1. Go up 20° at a time, until you are getting good vapor. There is no one proper setting for these as all mods are different.
      My settings are a good starting point.

      1. I’m trying that with the titanium bucket and top airflow I just received. Same issue. Starting from 400, I’m up to 560 and still barely any smoke.

        1. Make sure you have the air flow open.

  3. When replacing the ceramic donut how do I get back NI mode ?

    1. Three clicks of the big button lets you change the modes.

  4. Tried my Sai on a new Joyetech Ultex T80. Works briefly before triggering “atomizer low” (below 0.05 ohm in this case). Meanwhile, same TC settings on my other mods works just fine. Any suggestions? I like the ergonomics of the Ultex, but I’m about to send it back, I only intended to use it with my Sai.

  5. why can’t I use the ceramic donut on an EZ Sai?

    1. Because it is not programmed to run ceramic coils.

  6. I recently purchased an ez Sai and also a box mod. Am I correct that I cannot use the atomizer on the ez Sai with a box mod, that I would have to purchase a separate atomizer to work with my Pico 75w?

    1. They are interchangeable.

  7. Hi they told me at the store that ceramic donut will work with the EZ SAI (Crossings). I noticed amsg in this thread saying something about it not being “programmed” for ceramic? Why do they make ceramic could then? Is there any kind of instruction/owners manual? Nothing came in the box and I can’t find any info on the website.
    Thank you so much!

    1. I will have to get my girls to write one up soon. We have 20+ coils available for the Sai, they all work on a Mod.
      The EZ Sai was made to work with the two most popular coils. It is a beginner level device, anyone can use. Plus, it’s cheap
      If you want to run all of the coils, you just need to put it on a regular Mod.

  8. Can you not use the black ceramic wrapped Kanthal and Ti on the EZSAI? The start up guides recommend wattages and temps that the ez mod batt runs. I’m just curious about the black ceramic but do not have the time to learn a box mod. Make a EZSai that runs buckets please, I would pay up!

    1. The Kanthal coils only work on the top wattage setting on the Ez Sai.

  9. I ordered the oil barrel coil off the website and I cant find a coil by that name anywhere else it looks like or is the miracle b. Says it wattage but I emailed them and they told me it was tc

    1. Miracle coils run at 7-12w.

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