Sequoia Stainless Steel or Titanium Atomizer w/a Ceramic Donut coil and a Triple Black Ceramic Titanium Coil installed


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Sequoia Atomizer

This set includes:

  1. A Stainless Steel or Titanium Sequoia Atomizer with a Triple Titanium w/ Black Ceramic Coil pre-installed
  2. A 13mm Sequoia Ceramic Donut Coil
  3. The option to add a heat sink

The Sequoia is our 25mm cannabis concentrate atomizer, with adjustable bottom airflow. It is available in two colors: Stainless Steel and Titanium. Both color options come with a Triple Titanium Black Ceramic Coil pre-installed. Because of higher production costs, the Titanium is $10 more. The Titanium option is 30 grams lighter.

These monsters fit most 510 threaded mods and will fit all mods we carry except the Pico 75W. However, it can be modified to fit the Pico 75W with the simple purchase of heat sink for only $3.49.

The Sequoia is user friendly and perfect for users looking for a big hit or an atomizer that can hold a lot of concentrate for minimal refills throughout the day. The Sequoia is versatile enough for daily use, travel, or the occasional session.

The Sequoia Atomizer is compatible with all Sequoia coils and the Sequoia Poseidon V2. The Sai coil options will not fit.

Recommended Settings:

  • Triple Titanium w/ Black Ceramic Coil: 20-25W; TC-Ti, 350-400F
  • 13mm Sequoia Ceramic Donut: 15-25W; TC-Ni, 300-400F

*If you prefer another coil over the Ceramic Donut coil just specify which coils you would rather have in the notes. However, we can not switch out the Triple Titanium w/ Black Ceramic as it is pre-installed.

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Weight 7 oz