Sai Vaporizers (Stainless Steel, Black,Titanium, or Gold ) w/Black Ceramic Kanthal Coil


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Sai Vaporizers (Stainless Steel, Black, Titanium, or Gold) w/Black Ceramic Kanthal Coil

Regular Stainless Steel, Black Stainless Steel , Titanium or Gold Stainless Steel Sai Vaporizers w/Black Ceramic Kanthal Coil Installed

The Titanium HVT Sai cost me more to produce, so they do cost $10 more. But they are a full 30 grams lighter.

The Black and Gold HVT Sais also cost me more to produce, so they cost $5.00 more.

Black Ceramic Kanthal Coil runs in power mode between 18-27 watts

Replacement coils are available.

Lifetime Warranty on the Sai.

Ceramic Chamber

510 Threads

Additional information

Weight 4.60 oz