Divine Tribe V3 & Gen 2 Combo


Divine Tribe Gen 2 and V3 Vaporizers.

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Divine Tribe v3 Atomizer


  • Complete V3 with 13mm donut installed ready to go
  • 2 extra replacement 13mm donuts and cups
  • Dab tool and Screwdriver
  • 5 extra screws
  • Alcohol wipes

Instructions when using

  • Place half bb sized piece directly on donut, when hitting the vaporizer draw in lightly at first to avoid upward splatter. Hold it straight up and down,  Not out and sideways, this will ensure you get a good hit.
  • For best performance do small sessions and keep the piece clean with rubbing alcohol and a wipe.
  • Do not leave in hot cars
  • Do not store concentrates in device
  • Clear out Atomizer after each session

Rebuild and Cleaning instructions

  • Find clean area to work so screws do not fall to floor and get lost
  • Unscrew 3 screws at base of ceramic housing
  • Gently pull ceramic housing from metal base
  • Unscrew both screws that hold donut wires to the 2 posts
  • Gently wiggle and remove ceramic cup in an upward motion from posts
  • Be careful with donut wires when removing donut coil from cup they will bend and break easy
  • To Rebuild follow these steps in reverse
  • Each piece can be cleaned separately with rubbing alcohol and a wipe


Divine Crossing Generation 2 Ceramic Rebuildable Dry Herb Atomizer

  • Complete Gen 2 510 Thread Atomizer
  • Clean out tool, Brush and Screwdriver
  • 5 extra screws
  • Instruction Manual

What’s different about the Gen 2 from the Gen 1?

  • Ceramic housing does not get as hot, the ceramic heating cup has been made smaller
  • Silicone mouthpiece
  • Finally, completely rebuildable

Instructions for best results:

  • Have your battery set first before using the atomizer. For the most reliable way to achieve consistent results please use a battery with TCR Mode (temperature coefficient of resistance). Most batteries mods made in 2016 have this option.
  • Settings may vary between devices. In TCR mode set the value to 300 and use 33w to get to 370०f . This atomizer will work in Ni mode on most temperature control battery mods as well. Please use 33w to get to 370०f plus or minus 20० depending on your preference. This device will also work in wattage mode pulsing the button at 30 watts.
  • I have noticed much more vapor by grinding the herbs first. Gently pack herb into chamber. You will notice different results and vapor depending on how much you pack. After a few seconds of heating the chamber start drawing in from mouthpiece, keep button on battery pressed in order to keep chamber temp. You will notice some of the best vapor coming from the 3rd and 4th draw.
  • Vaporize until you are satisfied without burning the herb. The goal is to release the beneficial oils of the herb and keep temperatures below combustion avoiding the release of carcinogens. Gently scrape herb out of chamber with tool for next use.

Rebuilding the atomizer is easy:

  • remove 3 screws from base of atomizer
  • Lift ceramic housing off base
  • Remove 2 screws from metal posts
  • Lift cup off and replace
  • Repeat steps in reverse

Additional information

Weight 13.25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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