Sai Top Airflow Atomizer Package


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What you get:

  1. One (1) Sai Top Airflow Atomizer in either Stainless Steel, Black, or Titanium with Titanium Bucket Coil Installed
  2. One (1) Ceramic Donut Coil
  3. One (1) Triple Titanium w/ Quartz Coil

The Sai Top Airflow Atomizer comes in either Stainless Steel or Titanium. Both options come with a Titanium Bucket Coil pre-installed. The Top Airflow atomizer is just like our best-selling 22m Sai, however instead of just adjustable bottom airflow, this cap offers adjustable top airflow. Which enables the use of the Titanium Bucket coil, affectionately nicknamed “The Titanium Skillet”. Because of higher production costs the Titanium variation is $10 more, but 30 grams lighter.

These masterpieces are compatible with all the mods we carry and will fit most other 510 threaded mods. They are still compatible with all regular Sai coil options as well as the Poseidon V2 and the Hydro Tube, as you remove the cap anyways to attach the bubbler.

The Sai Top Airflow is still perfect for every day use, traveling, discreetness, etc; and is very user friendly.

All Sai coil options are compatible with the Top Airflow. Sequoia coils are not compatible.

Recommended Settings:

Titanium Bucket Coil: 24-28W; TC-Ni, 325-425F

Ceramic Donut Coil: 8-15W; TC-Ni, 280-380F

Triple Titanium w/ Quartz: 15-25W; TC-Ti, 350-400F

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