Sai Ceramic AVS Flattened Molecule Coil


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Sai Ceramic AVS Flattened Molecule Coil

These Coils are Flat 316lss quad-core fused coils 30gx4/36g 4mm 7 wrap (approx 0.38-0.42Ω), in my HVT Ceramic Cup. MAKE SURE TO DRY FIRE SS COILS AFTER INSTALLATION AT 10-25w MAXIMUM AND SHORT PULSES. Using ceramic tipped tweezers, pinch the coil together while firing the coil. This eliminates hot spots and should create a nice even glow. You can also use a strumming technique that we show on our YouTube channel, in the video above. Increase wattage by 5 watts at a time until just before the coil begins to glow. Now, at 15-40w, pulse the fire button for 1-2 seconds a couple times. You should see a nice even dull red glow start at the center of the coil and work outwards towards the legs. Observe carefully that the coil heats up evenly! (If not then continue pinching or strumming the coils until they do.) Let the coil cool back down to room temperature, you can aid this by blowing on the coil.
Setting Name Recommended Setting  Notes
Mode TFR: 316L / TCR: 92 The coils are 316L SS; if you have a TFR setting for 316L, use that, but if not use a TCR value of 92 (0.00092)
Power 15w-25w Start at low wattage and move up to find your preference.
Resistance 0.39Ω ± 0.03Ω The coils are custom and resistance varies on several factors.
Temperature 360°F-430°F Lower temp for more flavor, higher temp for more impact.
These are actual coils made by Advanced Vape Supply, that were installed in my Sai Cups, so you don't have to rebuild them anymore. These are available as singles and in 5 packs! Compatible with the Sai and Sai TAF Atomizer, but NOT compatible with the Sequoia Atomizer. "If we want to make the best Atomizers, we should use the best coils." THESE ARE AN HVT EXCLUSIVE ITEM!

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × .75 × 1.5 in

5 Pack, Single Coil