New Quartz Quest by Divine Tribe


Quartz Quest 510 Thread Heater Kit

The New Version of the Quartz Quest by Divine Tribe! Please Take note: This is an advanced atomizer please see the Divine Tribe youtube channel for maintenance.

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Divine Tribe Quartz Quest Atomizer


Instructions & Maintenance
Take Immediate Caution Inner Heater Gets up to 500°f  and can cause serious burns. Please be careful when handling the unit.

Each part is replaceable, the whole unit can be rebuilt, there is no need to throw out the whole heater if one part breaks, he designed this with eco-friendly concepts. Inspired by the quartz banger and directional airflow carb cap, having a complete glass pathway in a portable device that can do temperature control seemed to be the most effective way to conserve and experience concentrates. He believes this unit delivers that, from smooth flavorful hits to huge clouds this unit performs.
Take note of battery settings:
Wattage 55-70w
Ni mode 310°f
TCR Value 470 using 60w to get to 300°f

Ultimately you will want to practice for the best experience. Each battery is unique and will need to be fine-tuned to this atomizer. My best suggestion to preserve the 2 ceramic heater coils is to start on a low setting and work your way up to a happy middle ground of flavor and clouds.

How to use Instructions:
This is a LAYG (load as you go) atomizer. Place a small amount (2-5 hits max)of concentrate into the quartz heater cup. Place mouthpiece back onto the unit. Keep unit upright throughout the whole process do not tip or concentrates will pour out of the cup.  Press button on the battery to start heating quartz cup, allow concentrates to bubble and start to show vapor then place lips on the mouthpiece and suck slowly. Be sure to maintain heat to quartz cup so vapor is produced throughout the session. Once heat is achieved with quartz cup let-off button to keep from burning or giving off foul high temp flavor.
Always q-tip the bowl right after each session to maintain cleanliness and performance of your quartz heater.
Wipe down and clean glass mouthpiece to avoid reclaim buildup in the pathway of vapor. Allow 3-5 minutes for the unit to cool down before next session.

Installing New Ceramic Rod-Coil
Under the right settings these coils should last over a year but when a coil burns out you can replace it by unscrewing the two screws that keep the coil wires fastened to the posts. Unscrew and gently pull the wire to remove from the post. Push ceramic rod through the hole at bottom of quartz cup. Pull new rod through and tighten wires to post. Be sure to unscrew screws enough to make room for the wire to feed through.
Please see the Divine Tribe Youtube channel for videos with instructions on how to use, clean, and rebuild the unit.
for spare parts/ heater rods and glass mouthpieces please see my other ads in accessories

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