Divine Tribe V4 Quartz Crucible

Divine Crossing Version 4 Crucible Cup Rebuildable Concentrate Atomizer

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  • Complete V4 with 13mm donut installed ready to go
  • 1 extra replacement 13 donut (you can choose quartz or titanium for spare) and spacer
  • 4 extra screws
  •  2 extra Cotter Pins
  • 1 extra Quartz Crucible Cup
  • Dab tool and Screwdriver



Take note when rebuilding or cleaning always make sure to remove heater from posts before you take pin out under cup, the quartz rod on bottom of cup is delicate. 


The v4 offers top airflow with a quartz cup, cleaning and maintaining the device should be pretty easy. Settings vary between mods and firmware.  Always start in a low setting and go up to find the best middleground of flavor and clouds. You can temp control in Ni mode on most mods. I personally use Ni 33w to get to 500F on the eleaf pico.


Rebuilding & cleaning the atomizer:


  • Qtip after each sesh
  • Always oil o-rings
  •  loosen heater wire post screws
  • Lift heater and cup from posts
  •  GENTLY remove pin under ceramic spacer, Do not use force
  • Torch clean quartz cup and ceramic spacer
  • Do not torch clean donut heater or metal base
  • Be sure to place pin in first before tightening down heater coil wires.

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Weight 4.3 oz
Spare Coil

Quartz Donut X 2, Quartz X 1 & Titanium X 1