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How to get the most flavor from your vape

There is no arguing that flavor is an integral part of an individual’s vaping experience. The flavor hit already leaves an impression on you long before the contents of your vape juice starts working in your body. It is no surprise, therefore, that a lot of people would go any length to ensure they are getting the best flavor from their hit.

But your e-liquid is not the only determinant of the flavor hit you’ll enjoy when vaping. Other factors such as vaping device, presence of accessories such as hydro tubes, vaping temperature, and how you vape all have a role to play. Here is a short guide on how to get the most flavor from your vape.

What are the factors that influence vape flavor?


Your e-liquid has arguably the most significant influence on flavor. And the PG/VG ratio plays the most substantial role in determining your e-liquid's flavor. If this ratio is too low, it means there is a high proportion of VG in your liquid, and this implies more clouds but less flavor. For the best vaping experience, you should go for a vape juice with at least 50% PG ratio.

If you’re a long-term vaper, your problem may be more than PG/VG ration. Vaper’s tongue is a real issue for many vapers, and regularly switching flavors or going for a vape juice with a stronger flavor may be the solution.

Vape temperature

You can improve your vape juice's flavor profile by changing your mod’s temperature. E-liquids typically contain a mix of flavors that vaporize at different temperatures. Adjusting your temperature setting may be the hack you need to bring out that pleasant flavor you’ve been craving. Usually, vapers are advised to start with lower temperature settings then move up until they find the best setting for them. If you enjoy vaping at high temperatures, you should consider adding a hydro tube to your vaporizer.

Hydro tube

Although hydro tubes are not the most common vaping accessories out there, they could still help improve your perception of flavor. A hydro tube is an extension to a vaporizer, and it serves to ‘purify’ and cool the vapor produced from your e-liquid. It adds an extra level of smoothness to the vapor and allows vapers puff for longer without any harshness on the lungs. A hydro tube is particularly useful for people who enjoy vaping at high temperatures.

Atomizer coil

Some atomizer coils are better suited for generating massive clouds while others specialize at producing flavorful hits. If you are all about the flavor, you should buy a coil that can satisfy your cravings. That said, you should look out for coils with a larger surface area. These coils can vaporize more liquid per puff.

Getting the best flavor out of your vape juice is a science you’re likely to get better at with time. Unfortunately, most people get hit by the vaper’s tongue before they attain that level of mastery. Following the tips highlighted above should save you from that fate. And if you’re looking for where to get quality hydro tubes for your vaping device, Humboldt Vape Tech has got you covered.

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